Commitment Ceremonies



  Sometimes people are in love, but just don’t want to get married.  There could be very personal reasons for this.  Maybe an unpleasant first marriage and a bitter break up.  It could be cultural or religious differences  It could be a couple who have previously been married, and have families.

Sometimes the legalities and Will complications can be overwhelming, so they make the decision not to marry.  However, they want their family and friends to know that they are committed to each other. Commitment Ceremonies are also appropriate for a gay couple, who wish to make a public acknowledgment of their relationship.

The format of a Commitment Ceremony is similar to that of a Wedding, but it is not a legal ceremony and this must be stated by the celebrant. If you both have children, a Commitment is a lovely way of uniting your two families by involving them in your ceremony.

You may exchange promises and rings, but the word “Marriage” cannot be mentioned at any time.  You may like to have your families involved in a symbolic ritual, such as a Sand Ceremony, or a Unity Candle Ceremony, or perhaps a Rose Ceremony. Whatever you decide, I can provide you with suitable readings and suggestions.

There are many romantic and thoughtful ways of making your Commitment Ceremony a memorable occasion.

Words for a Rose Ceremony

My love, take this rose as a symbol of my love for you,

And of our commitment to one another, and our lives together.

It represents my deep down love for you

You are my lover, best friend,confidante and life partner.

Every time you see a rose, remember our promises made this day,

And know that my love for you shall be undying.