Baby Naming


  A Baby Naming Ceremony is an important ritual in a child’s life and a wonderful way of introducing your child to your extended family and friends.  It is also a means of celebrating your transition to parenthood.  Unlike a wedding, there are no legal requirements at a Baby Naming Ceremony, which is probably just as well, because anything can happen where children are involved.

This makes the occasion wonderful and the unexpected often occurs.  I will supply you with sample ceremonies and readings; however, if you wish to write your own ceremony, I can suggest wording and ideas to make it a memorable day.

It is a lovely idea to honour the grandparents by having a “Grandparents’ Dedication”where they choose  a reading, or even write one to express the unconditional love they have for their grandchild.  You may wish to appoint godparents or mentors for your child, or you can even appoint everyone at the ceremony to be your child’s “guardian family.”


A ReadingFinn just born

No Man Can Possibly Know
(Author Unknown)

No man can possibly know what life means,
What the world means, what anything means,
Until he has a child and loves it,
And then the whole universe changes
And nothing will ever again seem
Exactly as it seemed before.